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dbshot1.jpg (14365 bytes)Yamcha and Pu'ar's Shrinedbshot1.jpg (14365 bytes)


Welcome To (Dramatic Pause) Yamcha and Puar's Shrine YAHOO

well whack my hide an slap me silly this is more fun than a frog on Frisbee.  Before I ramble on any

more, you have to visit my "Read Me Page" for any info on pics, like credits I give people. You must

visit the page if you are thinking of taking any pics off my site!! Oh yeah and while your here you

will be forced into slavery and will submit your souls to those bad boys of the wilderness, Yamcha

and Pu'ar and you will agree that earth warriors are much better than those monkey-butted sayin

pieces of crap!!! Oh Yeah Oh Yeah   Monkey-butted pieces of crap !!!! No offense to sayin lovers, but I

like saying monkey-butted. It's kind of like saying smock. Say it SMOCK SMOCKSMOCKSMOCK!!! 

No offence to the Calvin and Hobbes lover.

Doesn't that make you feel better. Also coming soon to a web browser near you a

shrine to Lord Pilif!!! Oh and please sign my guest book 

I need to know what  you think!!! One more

thing would people please join my mailing list!!!! Please!!!!

I changed my background so you can see the text! Binary! 

Hey I'm in a web ring Yamcha Forever

Vote for me!!!!! 


        bottlemail.gif (22985 bytes)   Let's Give A Warm Welcome To Those Bad Boys Of The Wilderness Yamcha and Pu'ar!! And Hurry--Before they Bash In Our Heads!!        

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